Airport & Transport

Jamaica & U.S. requires a valid passport for entry & re-entry, and a Visa is not required for travel less than 90 days. Please note if you need to apply for a passport, the processing time may take up to 9 weeks.

It’s not required, but we recommend obtaining a Global Entry/Sentri if possible. When re-entering the U.S. from international travel, the wait time can be long for passport review. Global Entry/Sentri allows you to bypass this process. Also, you can use this I.D. card for domestic travel with TSA pre-check included. A passport is required to obtain Global Entry/Sentri.

Montego Bay to Ocho Rios

Montego Bay is our recommended airport of entry. Those who choose to fly into Montego Bay have the option of a free direct shuttle to the resort only. With this pick-up, you will not be able to explore or stop for sightseeing until you reach the resort. It is an estimated 1 hour and 30 minutes ride to the resort.

Airport Code: MBJ

Couples Tower Isle
1 800-268-7537

If you wish to take a tour before or after check-in, we found another private transport driver that is trusted and that the resort uses as well. This will be an extra cost if you take a private tour.

Duncan & Son’s Tour – Duncan
+1 (876) 571-2153

Kingston to Ocho Rios

Those who choose to fly into Kingston, would have to arrange their own transportation to the hotel and pay out of pocket. The cost from Kingston airport to the hotel in Ocho Rios is about $150 each way. We found a trusted private transporter who knows us and would take care of our guests. Please feel free to contact Michael Allen to schedule your private transport to the hotel if needed. If you chose to take a private tour on the way to the hotel, please note prices may vary. It is an estimated 1 hour and 40 minutes direct ride to the resort.

Airport Code: KIN

Mike Private Tours – Michael Allen
+1 (876) 851-0340
Kingston, Jamaica

Looking forward to seeing you!


Diana & Rodney