Our love.

Our Story

Rodney and Diana first met on a cruise from Los Angeles, CA to Ensenada, Mexico in 2015. So technically they met in international waters. Diana was living in Los Angeles at the time, and about to move to San Diego the following weekend to start graduate school. Rodney had just recently moved back to San Diego the year prior. Diana was on the cruise to celebrate a weekend away with her best friend, and Rodney was there to celebrate his close friend’s bachelor party.

They met at a comedy club on the boat, when Rodney graciously gave up his seat at the bar so Diana’s best friend would have somewhere to sit. Once comedy acts changed, Diana and her best friend got a table. When Rodney and his friends were looking for a place to sit, Diana and her friend decided to return the favor and shared their table with them. After connecting at the comedy club, Diana and Rodney spent the rest of the night talking, dancing, laughing, and walking around the boat until 3 in the morning! The connection they felt was easy and fun, and once the trip was over, they knew they’d keep in contact, as Diana was anticipating her move back to San Diego.

The rest is HISTORY.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Diana & Rodney